Every day is an outdoor day…

Every day is an outdoor day, every day I could be outside. Hiking, skiing, fishing or just eating breakfast outside and enjoying the calm na

Close to Alesjaure, August 2014

ture around me. Sweden is the perfect country to do that. Living in the north of Sweden I have the possibility to go out in the forest or into the mountains almost every day. A region in which we have eight seasons, with each season having its own charm.

This page has as aim to inspire you to get outdoors, to show different products and to offer different services. Nothing is being better than outside and thats what I would like to show by different trip reports.

Who am I? When I was seven years old, my parents went, together with my sisters and me, to Sweden for holidays. Since then I came back at least once a year. Hiking, road trips, city trips, I have seen the most of Sweden. A few years ago I moved to Sweden to do my studies. Now I got a fantastic job in the inland of northern Sweden. Here I have the possibility to go hiking almost every week. My personal goal? To camp outside at least one night every month, both in winter and in summer, just to enjoy life!

So, why stay inside? Just get out!



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